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 Idea For RPG server

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PostSubject: Idea For RPG server   Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:38 pm

Ok,this is my idea:

1:Earn Money from selling drug and work as clivilian work and cop~!
For drug:You can buy a car or rent a car and go to a place to take the drug and bring back to the drug factory.and sell it for the buyer.1 drug cost 2500$-5000$

For clivilian job:only mechanic the job is help player to fix the time cost 1000$

For Cops Job:You must in game for 2 hours and catch one player cost 1000$

Park Car:you must have a key to start your car.if you enter a player cnt and with not key u will be kick from the car.

For Houses:You can buy house[aceept white house]

For medic:u can do medic job but u need 5 hours to do this job

buy car:you can see a car logo there got sell car :DD

If Any Idea I Will update.

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Idea For RPG server
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